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Latest Incidents

  • HyperExecute Testing
    Partial Outage

    We have noticed a temporary dip in Dashboard's performance between 09:47 UTC to 11:10 UTC on 3rd April 2024, due a change in our backend service. We have added necessary fixes to resolve the issue, and the affected environment has been restored to a stable state. Thank you for your patience


    The issue has been fixed now and we are actively monitoring it.

  • No incidents reported.
  • No incidents reported.
  • Tunnel Server Maintenance

     -  (UTC)

    We're scheduled to perform maintenance activity on our Tunnel servers. Please note that during this process, any tunnel tests in progress may experience failure. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

  • No incidents reported.
  • No incidents reported.
  • Automation Testing Realtime Testing HyperExecute Testing
    Degraded Performance

    We are currently experiencing degradation in performance in one of our partner data centers. Customers conducting tests in the US East region may encounter latency issues specifically for MacOS.


    The issue has been fixed now and we'll continue to monitor it.

  • No incidents reported.